Inspired by my native cultural love of bold colours and prints, Maziina is an online affordable ready to wear African fashion YOU can feel and look good in. We source and produce all of our products in Africa. Our goal is to be your year-round destination for insta-classy outfits you will love wearing every day, to events and special occasions.

                                         Be Beautiful, Be You

MAZIINA by Chioma 

Maziina was a small idea that became a reality by Chioma Nwoko, a mum of two 14-year-old girls. Weekly habit of searching and shopping online for clothes for my daughters; they would shop, place orders into the store carts and call me to process payment with my credit card. Planning for my birthday holiday, I thought it would be fun to infuse African inspired trends into our suitcases. To my greatest surprise, my girls pointedly told me that African fashion was not trendy, and they simply couldn't pack anything made back home for holiday - at 14years old, they needed to keep up with fashion trends. So, I want to show my kids just how beautiful and empowering our culture is; and then the teaching begins! So I want to inspire women to be bold, feel empowered and express themselves through our vibrant and comfortable clothes, Anytime! 

Anyway, back to my kids and after lots of discussions and even though I told them how empowering, beautiful, and confident it feels to wear bold African prints, it fell on deaf ears. Finally, the three of us agreed to create together, some designs that would be made entirely from Ankara prints. We got creating and orders placed with tailors at home, Nigeria.

And that’s the other attraction - being able to support our community at its roots, connecting us more to our culture and heritage. 

By the time they received and tried on the garments, I was already working on new ideas. 

Maziina was born!! Since then my kids and I have travelled home and they have a deeper appreciation about our culture and just love Nigeria.

The name Maziina was created from letters' combination using our Igbo names; ChioMA, ChigoZIrIm & ChiemeNA